When I was a child around ten years old; I used to beg my mom to stay up and watch Elvira - Mistress of the dark because her show aired extremely late because of her sexy outfit. Elvira  was not apart of daytime television in the eighties. Elvira became one of my childhood idols.

I loved her sense of humor and her style; no one looked or looks like Elvira. I started taking acting classes from Kevin Wayne, and I had mentioned that I wished that I could play Elvira.  Kevin contacted a local haunted attraction in my hometown of Vincent, Alabama called Hellbilly Hollow and the owner Tim called me and asked if I wanted to work there as Elvira.

I worked at Hellbilly Hollow for two years, I did three commercials for Hellbilly Hollow as Elvira and was on three billboards.

In 2022, I started working at City of Chaos haunted attraction in Eastaboga, Alabama. In 2022, I was asked to MC a Vampire's Ball In New Orleans as Elvira for an Anne Rice Memorial. It was a dream come true considering that I started reading Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles when I was 16 years old. I was able to pay my respects to Anne Rice, along with the attendance of the ball and Anne Rice's neice; beside the water in New Orleans dressed as Elvira. We had a large bowl of water and was given small pieces of paper and was told to write a word on the paper of what Anne meant to us and we got in line and put our paper into the bowl of water and the pieces were stirred and disolved and the water was poured where Anne was laid to rest. My word was soulmate considering that her and I are both female writers and she is my favorite author.

Being an Elvira impersonator has been such an amazing experience and I hope to have many more memories as her. If you are interested in booking me as Elvira, just contact me through this website! 



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